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Gopher: spike-clip

 *  There are two ways in which spikes can be clipped:
 *  1) Spikes don't kill you if you're moving in the direction they face,
 *  and gravity isn't applied when you're directly above the ground.
 *  If you land on the ground with an upward velocity, you can clip through
 *  up-facing spikes until you're eventually lifted off of the ground
 *  (giving a boost[1]).
 *  spikeclip1.gifgif
 *  This clip can be done without spikes, and is useful for quickly
 *  restoring dashes, or getting a boost[1].
 *  2) In the early frames of a dash, the distance you travel in 1 frame can
 *  be larger than a spike's hitbox. If a spike doesn't have a solid block
 *  behind it, e.g., the ceiling in 2500m, you can completely dash over it.
 *  spikeclip2.gifgif
 *  [1] Boostgopher-menu

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