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Gopher: parity

 *  Parity refers to a state of being even or odd, and whether your position
 *  has even or odd-numbered coordinates determines whether certain options,
 *  like spike jumps[1], are possible. Below is an overview on controlling
 *  your x-coordinate's parity:
 *  You spawn with an even x-coordinate, and regular horizontal movement
 *  like walking and drifting mid-air can't change your x-coordinate's
 *  parity.
 *  Horizontally aligning yourself with the room's boundary or a solid block
 *  will make your x-coordinate odd.
 *  parity.gifgif
 *  Depending on subpixels, empty dashes[2] usually switch your
 *  x-coordinate's parity, and regular forward dashes usually preserve its
 *  parity.
 *  Depending on subpixels, notably as a result of time spent wall sliding,
 *  time spent mid-air, time spent moving into the room's boundary, and many
 *  other factors, walljumps and diagonal dashes may or may not switch your
 *  x-coordinate's parity.
 *  [1] Spike Jumpgopher-menu
 *  [2] Empty Dashgopher-menu

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