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Gopher: gemskip

 *  Gemskip refers to exiting 2200m without collecting the dash power-up. there are two ways of accomplishing this:
 *  1) By dashing on the same frame that you trigger the chest opening
 *  sequence, the dash gets performed after the sequence is over, and both
 *  your dash and grace frames[1] are restored. You can then exit by
 *  immediately grace jumping, and dashing upward when high enough.
 *  gemskip1.gifgif
 *  2) Walljumping in the ditch next to the chest with a y-coordinate
 *  between 93.35 and 93.40 lets you clip the ground to get a boost[1]. You
 *  can then exit by grace jumping at the boost's peak, and dashing upward
 *  when high enough. This route is typically denoted chestskip.
 *  gemskip2.gifgif
 *  [1] Grace Framesgopher-menu
 *  [2] Boostgopher-menu

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