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 *  Established 2020-11-09
 *  Last update 2021-02-12
 *  Welcome in KikooDX's gopherhole!
 *  I'm currently working on KBLE, a free and open source (MIT license) keyboard
 *  driven level editor. You can follow the project progress here:
 *  KBLE
 *  I will put pretty much everything I want to here, from speedrun videos
 *  to levels/softwares for obscure games.
 *  Contactplain
 *  If you want to contact me.
 *  "Art"gopher-menu
 *  A place where I put all my artwork. Chronological order.
 *  Speedrun videosgopher-menu
 *  I will save my new PBs/WRs here, starting from 09/01/2021.
 *  CELESTE Classic Glossarygopher-menu
 *  Gopher mirror of the CELESTE Classic community glossary.
 *  My CELESTE Classic Modsgopher-menu
 *  Download and/or play to my CELESTE Classic mods.
 *  Filesgopher-menu
 *  Datamining projects and random stuff I made.
 *  You Have 10 Seconds 3 levels databasegopher-menu
 *  Levels for the game 'You Have 10 Seconds 3' made by the players.
 *  My Gitea
 *  This gopherhole runs on a PyGopherd server.
 *  PyGopherd Home

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